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“We don’t just sell, install, and service generators; we're one of the only companies in Ulster County with trained technicians certified by Generac and Kohler to do warranty work.

That means your generator will be installed properly and serviced correctly by our trained technicians, so it will be ready to run when you need it most.”


Master Electrician
President of Gen-Plus

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5 red stars

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When The Power Goes Out For Everyone Else, Your Power is Back on in 30 Seconds, Even if You're Not Home!

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Barry H. - Rhinebeck, NY

“I decided to buy a generator after the second five day power outage in a row.”

“This is something you do once and I plan on staying in my home. So I said, if you're going to do it, just do it now.

I wanted one company that specialized in installing generators and could do the entire project without having to subcontract any of it out.

Gen-Plus did exactly what they said they were going to do, when they said they were going to do it. The job was done on time and on budget. All the trenching and electrical work was done beautifully.”

5 Good Reasons Why You Should Invest in an Emergency Backup Generator Now

  • 1 In 2012, Hurricane Sandy knocked power out for many weeks throughout NY. In the Hudson Valley, entire towns like Woodstock went completely black for more than 5 days. That was a wakeup call for many. Relying on Central Hudson to restore power in a few hours – or even a few days – isn’t always realistic.
  • 2 Lose power in sub-zero weather and your pipes will freeze and burst in as little as 24 hours. This can mean thousands of dollars in water damage to your home, not to mention expensive plumbing repair work.
  • 3 Homes in flood-prone areas often rely on sump pumps to keep the basement from flooding – but if your power goes out, your sump pump won’t work, and your basement will flood. With an automatic generator, you won’t have to worry about flood damage.
  • 4 One power outage could cripple your business. However, it could pay off, if you’re prepared for it! With a reliable backup plan, a power outage could actually boost your business – you’ll be up and running while your competitors are still sitting in the dark.
  • 5 A generator installation is considered a capital improvement project in NYS, therefor you won’t be charged sales tax.

Get a Quote and Your FREE Power Evaluation

We’ll size a generator that’s right for your needs and your budget.

3 Reasons NOT to Hire Us

  • 1 If you’re looking for a cheap generator installed at the lowest possible cost, then we’re not for you. We’re a dedicated generator company, not an electrical contractor moonlighting as one. We know these machines inside and out. Most electricians will never get involved with engine service and repair.
  • 2 You don’t care about support and having an emergency backup team you can count on… If this is the case, then we suggest you find an electrical contractor that doesn’t care about this either. We are all about support and service. We want to work with clients that understand the value in having a long-term relationship.
  • 3 You’re not concerned about the job being done properly, to specification and in accordance with local building codes. All of our installations are performed by Eric Barbieri, a Master Electrician with 35 years of experience… so when you hire us, you will know that your generator has been installed to perfection.

We are a Dedicated Generator Company, Factory Certified by Kohler and Generac® We Can Provide Warranty Service and Repair, Even if we Didn’t Install Your Generator

Gen Plus technician servicing a generator
Steven Vosburgh - Senior Field Technician with Gen-Plus for over 20 Years

Many contractors will sell you a generator, but can you rely on them to service it for years? The truth is that many electrical contractors don’t want to be bothered. They’re just interested in selling you a generator for a quick buck, and then you’re on your own. But that’s not what we’re about.

We have the factory training and the certifications needed to handle all aspects of repair, service, and warranty work, plus we have the resources to provide you with emergency support, should you ever need it.

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Bonnie Monchik - Woodstock, NY

“I’ve been using Gen Plus for generator service for about 10 years...”

“They’ve been very honest, fair, and reliable... a pleasure to work with.

Once we had a huge storm and the generator didn’t kick on and I called them on an emergency basis. They managed to get here in 45 minutes in very dangerous conditions.

They rectified the situation which had nothing to do with the generator. The propane tank had emptied and caused an air bubble in the line. But they fixed it… to be so responsive in the middle of a storm was pretty impressive!”

When your power stops, will your cashflow stop too? It won't, if you're prepared.

Having a generator for your home is no longer considered a luxury, it’s a necessity.

We'll stand behind your generator installation with 24/7 year-round support.

For dependable generator installation and support, choose a company with a strong commitment to service.