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The Gen Plus Team - Tillson, NY

Justin Foose - Field Technician, Steven Vosburgh - Senior Field Technician, Eric Barbieri - Master Electrician, Catrina Pugliese - Admin Support

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Eric Barbieri - Gen-Plus, Inc. President

Eric Barbieri - Gen-Plus, Inc. President

Eric is a Licensed Master Electrician with more than 25 years of experience. He has a degree in electrical construction and maintenance from the State University of New York at Delhi. You could say that electricity runs in his family, as Eric’s father was also an electrician, who worked for Central Hudson way back when.

Here’s some of the stuff that matters to Eric:

Eric thinks it’s important to be a good person and to take care of your family. He’s into golf and fishing on his free time, and he takes his work very personally.

When asked the question, “what’s important to you in your business?” Here’s what he said…

“It’s important to do good work, quality work - and to pay your bills. I think the quality of your work is a reflection of you... it means you care, and that you have pride in what you do. If you do half-assed work, you go through life half-assed.

If you set a goal, you should achieve that goal. I've always believed in setting a goal higher than what is easily achieved. So if you set the bar high, you're always going to do good work.”

When asked about his feelings on customer service, Eric said this...

“I do little extra things for people. I try to give people their money’s worth and sometimes a little bit more. It means I won’t be rich, but I sleep at night. I don't sleep well at night when something doesn't go right… I care about the work I do for our customers and I take it pretty personal.”

Steven Vosburgh - Senior Field Technician

Steven Vosburgh - Senior Field Technician

Steven is our senior field technician. He’s been with Gen Plus for more than 11 years. Growing up on a farm, he’s always been into small engines and outdoor power equipment.

Steve graduated with an associates degree from Ohio Technical College, where he was trained in generator power systems and diesel mechanics. He’s also factory trained and certified by Generac and Kohler.

Steve started working for Gen Plus in 2002, fresh out of college, and he says he loves his job because every day is different. From basic troubleshooting and general service work, to complete generator tear-downs and rebuilds, Steve can handle most anything we throw at him.

When asked, “what the most gratifying part of his job is?” Steve says…

“I love the excitement of getting power back for people during emergency situations.”

When he’s not on the job, Steve enjoys time with his wife and kids on the family farm in Dutchess County.

Justin Foose - Service Technician

Justin Foose - Service Technician

Justin is our newest service technician. He’s been working with Gen Plus since 2012.

Growing up with a mechanic for a father, Justin has a strong mechanical background which makes him a valuable asset to the Gen Plus team.

Justin says…

“I love the variety of work at Gen Plus because it’s always a challenge, and when you have something broken in front of you, and you set a goal for yourself to fix it… and when you actually fix it - that’s a great feeling.”

Catrina Pugliese - “Frontline” Office Support

Catrina Pugliese - Office Support

Catrina is the caring type – in kindergarten she wanted to be a nurse, and as an adult she worked for several years in the nursing field. Now she takes care of the GenPlus customers and keeps everything running smoothly in the office.

She’s as reliable as they come, and very organized. She handles everything from appointments to payroll. She’s got great people skills and is the face and voice of Gen Plus. Everything gets filtered through Catrina.

When Catrina’s not working, she loves hanging out with friends, cooking (her specialty is eggplant parmiagana), playing softball and dreaming about traveling to the beautiful places on her Pinterest travel board.

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