When You Hire The Gen Plus Team of Generator Specialists...

Your Installation Will Go As Planned, And You’ll Get Our Expert Support For Life

That Means You’ll Get...

  • Factory certified technicians and a master electrician installing your generator, so you’ll know it’s done right the first time.
  • Your job will be completed on time and on budgetguaranteed!
  • And a company that stands behind every generator installation with 24/7 support, 365 days a year, so you’ll always be protected.
Client headshot
Barry Herman
Rhinebeck, NY
“I wanted one company that specialized in installing generators and could do the entire project without having to subcontract any of it out.”

3 Reasons Why You’ll Be Glad You Hired Us…

  • Your generator installation will go smoothly without delays. That’s because we own all the equipment and have the credentials and expertise to do the job beginning to end, (plumbing, excavation, concrete and wiring) without subcontracting out like many electricians do.
  • Because we don’t need to hire subcontractors, your job doesn’t get held up from scheduling issues... and you’ll have true generator specialists doing the work, not random subcontractors hired by an electrician that are inexperienced in generator installation.
  • We can also take care of your construction permits and coordinate with the gas or propane company to hook up the fuel. We like to make it really easy for you.

Why Hiring a Cheap Installer Will Cost You More

We see a lot of installations where people paid a lot less but the quality of workmanship is also less. We don’t ever cut corners, because we don’t want you to have problems.

We see a lot of solo electricians getting involved in low priced generator installs . They work for themselves out of one truck without a support team.

They need to subcontract out various aspects of each installation, such as excavation, laying pipe, and masonry for the concrete generator pad.

As you can imagine, when scheduling multiple contractors with busy schedules, things often don’t go as planned.

Guys don’t show up when they’re supposed to.Things are not always done correctly. You end up with delays and problems down the road. We’ve heard the stories from our customers and seen the results first hand… we clean up after these contractors all the time.

These are some of the common problems we run into when repairing generators that have been installed by an inexperienced contractor:

  • Not using a properly installed concrete pad. We’ve seen installations where the generator was placed right on dirt or gravel, or even left on the pallet it came on. Your generator always needs to be on a hard level surface. Anything less will impact proper oil distribution and cooling, potentially shortening its life.
Example of poor generator installation on plywood.

Generater incorrectly installed on plywood instead of a concrete generator pad.

  • Installation of units in areas with inadequate ventilation, or the generator exhaust pointing toward dryer vents (yes, we have really seen this!), which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning or worse.
Generator installed without proper ventilation makes for a fire hazard.

Generator incorrectly installed in a small shed.

Poor ventilation will cause a buildup of heat and carbon monoxide. By code, a generator needs to be 5 feet from any combustible structure.

  • Low quality wire could short out your whole generator and cause a fire. Using cheaper aluminum wire instead of copper might cause the wires in the generator to loosen up under the lugs from the generator's vibration. Also, copper wire is a better conductor than aluminum and is more flexible.
  • Not installing to code. When you have someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, they could be ignorant of proper code. And this is a liability for you.
  • Sloppy installs. We’ve seen generator installs look even worse than what you see here, because the installer just slapped it in without caring about how it will look when finished.
A bad generator install next to a doorway.

Hey, here’s a way to save some money. Don’t bury the fuel and electrical lines... slap that thing in next to the doorway and just call it a day.

Who cares if it’s not safe or violates electrical code... Or if the homeowner won’t be covered by insurance when it catches fire?

And when you need service or repair, your cheap installer won’t be there to help you!

We get many calls where the power went out, the generator didn’t work, and the customer calls us instead of the contractor who installed it – either because they couldn’t get the contractor on the phone, the contractor couldn’t figure out the problem, or they told the homeowner, “Sorry, we don’t do repair work!”

  • This is what a properly installed generator should look like.
The correct way to nstall a generator.

Everything is installed to code for optimal safety and insurance compliance.

Propane fuel lines are buried to the correct depth. The generator has adequate ventilation for proper cooling and safe exhaust expulsion. Concrete gen pad is in place and electrical wiring is tight.

Client heashot
Barry Herman
Rhinebeck, NY

“I wanted a generator for some time and then I learned about the process and realized that you need an electrician, an excavator and a generator person at a minimum to get the job done. So I started asking around to see if anybody knew of a company that did all of those things, so the job didn’t become a contracting “project,” or “problem.”

During one of the last hurricanes, my neighbor’s generator didn’t kick on like it was supposed to. She had used multiple contractors to install her generator... So she had to call around, and Gen Plus came out to fix it during the storm which was extremely impressive… so that’s why I called them.”

Eric Barbieri - Gen-Plus President

Eric Barbieri - Gen-Plus President

“Service and repair is where we bring the most value to our customers and it’s what truly sets us apart.”

"Service isn’t just changing the oil, it’s seeing potential problems and eliminating them before they occur... With over 25 years of electrical experience and 15 years working with generators, spotting worn parts is an important part of what I‘ve trained my team to do, and it keeps our customers’ backup systems ready for the worst.

We’re not just a generator dealer, we are factory authorized for repair too. Not all dealers are, and it’s an important distinction because we’re also the people you can call for generator repair.

...And if repairs are ever needed, customers that purchase from us are always our first priority. And we stock the most common parts needed for repairs on Kohler and Generac generators because we know down time is not an option."

If You Take Service and Support as Seriously as We Do, Then We’re The Right Team For You

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