Get 24/7 Backup Power When You Need it With an Automatic Home Generator

When You’re Shopping For a Home Generator There’s a Lot to Consider... We’ll Help You Choose One That’s Just Right For You

Here’s 5 things you need to know:

  • Most home generators are fueled by propane or natural gas. We sell both types and can help you decide the best option for your situation.
  • The price of every generator installation depends on how much you want backed up - your entire home (bigger generator), or just the essentials?
  • Every price quote hinges on a site visit. We need to assess site accessibility, the amount of trenching, choice of fuel, location of fuel source, accessibility of your main panel and electrical demands of your home.
  • Your Generator needs to be installed correctly, so it’s legally safe and actually starts when you need it. Using an uncertified contractor often leads to a substandard installation, prone to failure.
  • The average cost of a new, air-cooled generator (including installation) is somewhere between $10,000-$14,000. There are many variables and options to consider. The cost to hookup the generator to natural gas or propane, is not included and needs to be discussed with your plumber or your propane provider.

We’ll Service And Repair Just About Any Generator,But We Only Sell The Best Residential Generators On The Market - Kohler and Generac®

Factory authorized sales and service.
Authorized General Sales & Service

Propane or Natural Gas Fueled Automatic Backup Generators For Your Home

John Young
Kingston, NY
“I wanted to know that my home was going to be safe whether I was there or not.”

“I’m retired now and I couldn’t help feeling that I was married to the house in the winter time. I couldn’t take a vacation or go away.

If the power went out for an extended period, you can do a lot of damage in the house.

So to protect the house, so that I could come and go as I pleased, I wanted the generator there. I wanted to know that my home was going to be safe whether I was there or not.”

When You’re Ready to Invest in a Backup Generator And Service and Support Are Important to You, Then We Are Definitely Your Team...

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Your Home generator support team.

Steven Vosburgh - Senior Field Technician, Eric Barbieri - Master Electrician, Justin Foose - Field Technician, Catrina Pugliese - Admin Support

  • We handle the entire installation start to finish. That means you only deal with us and your fuel company (we can coordinate with them for you), so the job goes smoothly because we’re not dependent on multiple contractors.
  • We’re factory trained and authorized to service and repair Kohler and Generac generators. Many contractors, including the big box stores, are only authorized to sell generators but not to service, repair or honor factory warranties the way we can.
  • Your generator will be installed properly because all generator installations are overseen by master electrician, Eric Barbieri, a generator specialist with over 25 years of electrical experience.
  • You can count on us for emergency support any time… especially if you should ever need us in the middle of a storm. We stand behind every generator we install.

Reliable & Qualified Support When You Need it Most… That’s The Gen Plus Advantage

We don’t compete on price with our service. We’re not the cheapest on the block and we don’t try to be. That’s because we offer a premium service and we know it’s something that’s very hard to find in the Hudson Valley.

So, if you’re just looking for the lowest possible price for a generator installation, there are a lot of unqualified electricians dabbling in generator sales that will be happy to take your money.

We know, because we clean up after these guys all the time.

During big storms, we get our share of emergency calls from desperate homeowners with generator problems. They’re calling us because the the contractor who installed their generator can’t be reached or couldn’t deliver.

We do try to help everyone, but our existing customers always come first.

Bonnie Monchik
Woodstock, NY
“I’ve been using Gen Plus for generator service for about 10 years...”

“They’ve been very honest, fair and reliable... a pleasure to work with... .

Once we had a huge storm and the generator didn’t kick on and I called them on an emergency basis. They managed to get here in 45 minutes in very dangerous conditions.

They rectified the situation which had nothing to do with the generator. The propane tank had emptied and caused an air bubble in the line. But they fixed it… to be so responsive in the middle of a storm was pretty impressive!”

Eric Barbieri - Gen-Plus President & Master Electrician - Ulster County

Eric Barbieri - Gen-Plus President

“When you buy a generator from us, we’ll stand behind it and you’ll get the priority service you deserve and expect.”
Eric Barbieri

Did You Know? You Don't Pay Sales Tax On Generator Installation… And You May Get a Break On Your Insurance

In New York State, installing a permanent home generator is considered a capital improvement, so you will not pay any sales tax on your generator installation. Plus, we’ll fill out all the necessary capital improvement paperwork for you...

And some insurance companies may even give you a discount on your homeowner’s policy when your house is protected by a permanent generator (check with your insurance carrier.)

If You Want One Company That Will Stand Behind Your Generator Installation With Support You Can Count On…

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